Friday, 18 February 2011

Hare and hair......

Hare and hair? - going to have my hair cut today - and yesterday I got this hare from T K Maxx - I love him! -

Got some cute (charity shop) fruity glasses too - and a fruity apron to serve the cocktails in?! -

These curtains are really pretty aren't they?  Can't decide whether to cut them up and make several cushions.....

The panels would make lovely cushions, wouldn't they? - (I need to repair them a bit) - 

But then they do look pretty hung up as curtains -

Got a huge (not hand-made, but very pretty) double bed-cover too -

Not my personal style, but hopefully someone will like it in Ludlow on Sunday! -

And - (rather late for these ones!) - a pretty hyacinth glass -

Right, off to the hairdressers now!   Enjoy your Friday!


  1. I love the hare and the pretty curtains. I have just had my hair cut and am sporting a rather short 1920's bob!! Have a lovely weekend.
    Jo xx

  2. enjoy your haircut- I haven't had mine cut but I have gone Bonnie Langford red which is a bit of a shock to the (mainly pink) system!

    When I was out on Bruce yesterday a hare hopped past- a real sign that Spring is on its way.
    I tried to see where he went in case there were more of them but he was quite secretive and Bruce wasn't in a standing still mood!

    Have a great weekend and good luck!

  3. Love the hare! Off out tomorrow on a CS jaunt so hope I come up with goodies like yours! Good luck on Sunday. x


  5. Obviously the week for haircuts as that's where I'm bound tomorrow: have spent too long growing it to have anything too drastic done though!

  6. I love your hare and I hope you love your hair (cut) too!!! x

  7. Getting my haircut and colored is my splurge It just make me feel better to be blond than mousy grey.....I love those fruit glasses they won't be there long! I'm so excited for you and your new adventure....I keep looking in town for my new location it's been so nice taking a break.

  8. Oh Lordy, lots of lovely things AGAIN! How do you do it? Love Mr Hare, the glasses, the apron and the curtains (I'm thinking curtains - but then I would). I DESPARATELY need a haircut!

  9. Just found your lovely blog! Love the curtains, I agree they would make lovely cushions!Decisions, decisions!!
    Your stall looks great!

  10. I love your hare - I was in our branch of T K Maxx earlier in the week but didn't see any hares! Have a great weekend:)

  11. Yes, I have just had my hair cut too...a v short bob and I really love it!
    Great curtains and you can't beat TK Maxx for unusual things....
    Julie x

  12. The TK Maxx I used to go too has closed I really miss it.
    lovely fabric
    Cate x

  13. Oh I love the hare, hares are so shy and timid but I remember one magical Christmas day in the moonlit snow watching one race across the field and up the lane as we walked home, they are so beautiful.

  14. Very happy things you have pictures of--I especially love the quilt and the hare. Cheers!

  15. I have a thing for bunnies too! Love yours.
    I love the curtains and think they would make lovely pillows for sure. The quilt is really pretty too, I love the look of the pieced quilts.
    Oh you reminded me that I want to pick myself up some hyacinths.

  16. I was in TKMAx yesterday and didnt see a hare - boo - did see Cath Kidston bedding though I longingly walked around the shop with it in my paws and then in a sensible fashion decided that yes I did love it and yes I did desparately want it but I did I did not need it so I put it back. Boo hoo - but I did say to myself 'that's a very grown up approach Deborah - well done'. Hope you love your new hair cut my is in great need of cutting. TTFN.

  17. Very pretty curtains and fact, I love everything you've got there!

  18. Agree that the curtains look pretty as curtains. I have just done some recycling, or is it upcycling, and if so, what's the difference?
    I had a patchwork bedcover I made for my youngest son's bed back in the early 80s. Then I cut it and 'it' became 'they', a pair of curtains, and now no longer useful as curtains, they have become two envelope cushion covers and several lavender bags, since the larger squares are vintage Laura Ashley fabrics and just right for lavender bags.
    Will be interested to know what you do with the curtains, and good luck for Sunday.

  19. I love hares, one hopped out in front of me yesterday, I always feel they are a good omen.... cannot believe you bought yours from tk max! it's lovely x

  20. Oh well, if the haircut doesn't work out, you can always make yourself a floppy hat out of the curtains.

  21. Hi
    Thinking Day is when all Guide Association members world wide think of one another
    Rainbows, Brownies,and Guides.
    cate x

  22. oh i soooo love the curtains- yes they would make beautiful cushions ;0)x lovely prints of roses.
    You have such lovely thrifted things! what joy! x

  23. Is that the time Oh my!!!!
    I have just spent the last hour or more totally captivated by you and your blog. I have read the whole thing all in reverse of course. I just got to the start and thought oh bother, I want more.
    Congratulations on the birth of your grandaughter. What a wonderful story of a rather shock home birth. Didnt they do well.
    Love your extention it looks fab its going to be glorious in the summer.
    As for your stall and the wonderful little bit of heaven that is your basement WOW! love love love it. I now hope to vist ludlow and all because of you. Keep up the great work. x

  24. Love the curtains! I would use them the way they are. And the apron is nice, too! Ciao Tiziana

  25. Oooh, i am loving your finds, especially those sweet curtains. There is something very rewarding about finding treasures! Your hare is a beauty, i do love them and am doing a post all about them soon!

  26. Fabulous buys! I especially love that last quilt. I haven't visited our local Tk Maxx for a long time.

    Thanks for your comment on my cake, it seems the general consensus is that wonky cake is still just as good so I feel a little better about it now :) good luck with the weight loss before your daughter's wedding, although I'm sure you don't need it! xx

  27. Love the curtains..yes they would make gorgeous cushions! Hope you are pleased with your haircut. :0)

  28. Those curtains will make stunning cushions . I'm off to try a Zumba class ...may not be heard of again in Blogland due to exhaustion!!!