Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Vintage home style................

Found a lovely vintage home style shop recently in Leominster - in Broad St - I'm hoping to get a space for my things in there next month -

The trouble is, if I make any money, I'll be tempted to spend it in the lovely Cook Shop opposite! -

Tempting stuff!!

Anyway, got some cute things today on my travels - some lovely old glass place mats and other pink things! -

Pretty wired beads hearts -

an old glass light shade -

And a Spring-like yellow / green-themed group! -

Two blue / green plates, one porcelain -

and some old number / letter blocks - I love these! -

Hope you're having a good week so far!   Beautiful weather today here :)

10.02.11 - Picture of herb bed from last year (complete with bbq sticks!) added for Bad Penny (http://pennyshenhouse.blogspot.com/)


  1. Beautiful items and your right I would be broke too!

  2. What beautiful finds, especially love the little jug and the blocks. I would definitely be spending in that cook shop with all the lovely Emma Bridgewater items for sale!!
    Jo xx

  3. Love those blocks, you could take great photos with them.

  4. Oh yes! More fabulous finds, Aby, how do you do it? Like Jo, I love both jugs and the blocks.

  5. A Leominster? Well well well
    I come to see you in August!
    A hug

  6. Lovely shops....I would spend a fortune too! xxx

  7. Another reason for a little jaunt to Ludlow and Leominster for me! How exciting....I know the shop well.
    Fingers crossed Abby x
    Julie x

  8. Love those wooden bricks.... lucky you being able to find so much lovely stuff. I struggle to find a shop selling things like you buy!

  9. Love the bead hearts and the bluey-green plate! Both shops in Leominster look lovely.

  10. Love the little pink glass cake stand. Was tidying out a cupboard today and found one I'd forgotten I had! Wonder what plans you have for those wooden bricks? :0)

  11. Love those letter blocks.

    Nina x

  12. Oh you find the loveliest things!!! I hope you are able to get a room in that shop, because it looks like a wonderful place. Oh yes, you will have to practice a lot of self-control when it comes to the shop next door.LOL!
    sending hugs

  13. After all the fraglie pretty things..I love the wooden blocks too ! Hope you can get a space in the lovely shop .

  14. hi there!

    just found your beautiful blog and im hooked!

    love love love those bead hearts and the wooden blocks, adorable!

    now following :)

  15. I really love those wooden blocks and I would be so broke if I had to go past a shop like that every other day. I must admit to zooming in on all that yummy EB in the window...how sad am I ? :) Good luck with the shop x

  16. Oh so funny ! Glad I'm not the only one finding another use for those sticks - Fab !!!

  17. such a great stuff!

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    Ms.Givens is our lucky winner!
    You are always welcome on a Apple Tea: http://theappletea.blogspot.com/

    Happy happy day for you!

  18. What a lovely blog. i am looking forward to "shopping" and visiting often.~m

  19. Oh thanks for sharing, we plan a visit to Leominster in the summer so we may pop in there!