Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Woo, first post - scarey!!

OK, so, in theory, this will be my first blog post, if it works!  I've recently started selling vintage china and cake stands at markets and Fairs. Been following lots of blogs and now its my turn!  This was my (debut!!) stall in the summer at the Hereford Castle Green Summer Fair -
 - lovely day, great music, great food and lots and lots of friendly folks!!   Well done, Friends of Castle Green!

And my stall at the Cotswold Vintage Fair in August -  


- another great day - lovely Fair organised by Tonia (http://www.poppycorkhill.blogspot.com/)  - some fabulous stalls there.  And there'll be another Toddington Fair in November - http://www.cotswoldvintagefair.com/

Next Fair I'm doing is at Ludlow (beautiful place :) ) - http://zaniswearhouse.blogspot.com/ - The Wear House Antique / Flea / Vintage. Looking forward to that!

Well, I'm going to go for it now and press the 'publish post' button - wish me luck - and hope to see you again!


  1. hi! thanks for your comment. wish i could visit your stall!

  2. Your stall looks beautiful - I did watch JO and yes I would like it if he was vegetarian as my 12 year old is and I struggle to keep coming up with ideas that she will like - welcome to the blogging world - though I'm a very naughty blogger and have been missing for ages !!

  3. oo hello..
    your stall is very pretty. i love all the bunting around it..

  4. Hi there, I remember my first blog, it was a bit wonky but you get the hang of it eventually!
    Thaks for the comments on mine.
    I am happy to sell the mice through the blog, when I take them to a fair they will be priced at £28 for the mice & box.
    I thought that they would make a super wedding keepsake!
    Tracey x

  5. Good luck with your blog! I love reading other peoples but am not brave enough to do my own! Will look forward to reading yours
    Helen x

  6. Oooh, thanks, Helen - don't call me brave, or I'll get nervous, ha, ha!

  7. Welcome! It's a wonderful world, this world of blogging. It takes a while to pluck up the courage to start, but once you have....... :O)

  8. Thanks, menopausal musing - It feels pretty good - if pretty addictive!! - already :)

  9. Hello, lovely blog! Thank you for your comment. Happy blogging! Lizzie x

  10. hiya- lovely blog, lovely stall, lovely post...lovely comments!
    So, are you going to bring these fab cake stands down to sell at my Vintage at the Village Hall fair end of November;-) ??

  11. Good luck with your blog, it looks lovely as does your stall.
    Ann x

  12. Welcome to blogland. Thanks for your comments on my blog. Your stall looks great with lots of lovely china.
    Ruth x

  13. Hi there,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Good luck with yours. Looking good so far. I must admit the the title of your first post confused me because my name is Woo!