Thursday, 14 October 2010

Good 'hunting' today!

Went on a hunt for 'stuff' today and got some treasures!

A fabulous mirror -

The mirror glass has a tiny 'flawed' area - but this could easily be covered with a glamorous flower! - (an improvement in fact!) -

Some beautiful cloths and lace -

Some old tins -
Some pretty lace, framed (though not keen on the frame) -

Some 'retro' crochet cushion covers -

Some pretty cups - for a Vintage Tea time!! -

A patchwork bedcover made of old fabrics -

A pretty plate - one for the girls? - can't see a manly man having his dinner on this! -

And a pinky sparkley mat....


Is it G and T time now, please?  :)


  1. You deserve a very large one - those finds are fab.

  2. Really fantastic things! Thanks for visiting my blog today, you now have a new follower.....I love it here! xxx

  3. thank you for your blog comment, I have listed dates of the fairs next year on all being well there will be another Vintage Bazaar in the spring! So do keep in touch. Lizzie x

  4. Wonderful finds; I want to shop with you! I love tins, I collect them vintage, new, pretty!