Thursday, 21 October 2010

Sew Hip! - so hip!

Bought Sew Hip! magazine for the first time recently - some nice, simple, projects in it -

like these cute egg cosies - 
(I've cut my materials out for these, but not sewn them yet - the house is in such chaos from building work) -

Cute little holdalls - 

and a pencil case - 

There's also an interesting article on 'the power of textile arts to change the world through peaceful and creative protesting' -

This is a project by Lise Bjorne Linnert, a Norwegian, started after she learned of atrocities perpetrated against women in Juarez, Mexico Members of the public are asked to embroider names, taken from a list of victims from Juarez, onto white cloth labels (Juarez is home to many clothing manufacturers, hence the link) - these are then collated to form part of an ever-growing installation.  The installation was displayed in England (Chichester) recently.

If you subscribe to Sew Hip! you get a free 'bunting bag' kit -

End of ad for mag! 

Well, I have a stall at the 2 day Antiques /Flea Market at Ludlow College at the weekend organised by The Wear House -, so I'd better get some sorting out done!

Well, after a glass of wine!......

Oh, yes, and after another admiring glance at my charity shop find of a Boden (!!!!) velvet jacket - 



  1. Thanks so much for sharing, I will definitely be keeping my eye out for Sew Hip magazine, the projects look really good. Well done on the jacket find! :) Sarah

  2. Hope you have a good Fair this weekend in Ludlow....will you be wearing your new jacket?
    Julie x

  3. Great jacket! Sew Hip is a great magazine but so hard to track down over here - subscription necessary!

  4. I got Sew Hip! in WHS, Tonia - it's a UK mag. Is there a US version?

  5. excellent jacket.......and who doesn't love a bargain!!

  6. Ive newver bought sew hip, but it looks great for new projects. xxxxxxx

  7. This looks like an inspiring magazine to keep an eye out for! Your lovely fabrics will turn into very lovely egg cosies!

    Thank you so much for your visits and kind words on my blog. If there is anything you would like to know in more detail about our kitchen, I'd be more than happy to share details about where I sourced the material, units etc. I hope your renovation work goes smoothly and that you can cope with the dust - a necessary but oh so unpleasant addition to one's life during building work...

    Wishing you a nice weekend and a good fair!
    Warm regards, Helena, The Swenglish Home

  8. I bought Sew Hip when it first came out, but not recently. I started to get annoyed that any patchwork that they showed was really badly done - I thought it would put people off having a go if they thought that was how it would turn out.

  9. Hello, I think I might look out for that magazine! Thank you for visiting me! :0)
    Lou x

    PS. Love the jacket!