Wednesday, 20 October 2010 market, to market, jiggety jig....

Went to Abergavenny today, in Monmouthshire.   Lovely area -

The Market Hall in Abergavenny has wonderful huge papier mache creatures and flowers hanging from the roof

It was livestock market day too -

And I got lots of treasures!  Some lovely plates - 

And a pretty trio -

And a giant cup - not vintage, but very pretty - a keeper!

Several other lovely things too - but uploading seems to be on strike!

Hope you had a good day!

And now a glass of wine and Grand Designs to look forward to :)


  1. On repeat in my head: Must Get To Abergavenny!

  2. Abergavenny looks lovely, incredible scenery. Thanks for letting me know about the flowers, I now know something new! Think I may have a go at drying them and see what happens... :) Sarah

  3. Hi Thanks for your kind words on my boxes
    it's nice to meet you
    Cate x

  4. Thank you for your blog comment. What a fab market that looks to be. There aren't many old traditional ones around now. Have a good day. Lizzie x

  5. I remember a song in the 60's - "Taking a trip up to Abergavany - hoping the weather is fine" - but I can' t remember who sang it! But the weather does look fine! Faberooni china. The market looks like a proper market. xxx

  6. Oh, thanks, Diane - I don't remember that song - but it was Marty Wilde apparently!
    Not the easiest of town names to write lyrics about! Yes, it's a good market.

  7. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your lovely comments, I love reading them. I love the plates you found, but my favourite has to be the pretty trio.
    Jo xx

  8. hi there, once again thanks for your comment.

    Kit is a bit afraid of the hens, although of course she'd never admit it...she just finds "something she has to look at" at the other end of the garden whenever they come to close ;)

    You blog is looking really lovely and I'm pleased to be your latset follower xx

  9. sorry that should've read TOO close

  10. wow... those plates really are lovely....