Tuesday, 26 October 2010

'Into' vintage? How much into it?

Do you like the occasional vintage item - or is your house totally vintage?  Are you 'hardcore' vintage, or do you like 'vintage-inspired'?

Does it have to be 'the real thing' for you -

 - or do you like new, vintage style? -

New? -  

or old? - 

Just interested, really.  I like a mixture myself - and indeed I really like very contemporary design.


Got some sweet Christmas decorations today, that I think I'll have another use for on my cakestands! -

Cute, aren't they? -


Got some second-hand treasures too, today. A lovely crochet blanket -

A pretty little trinket pot - 

A lovely old plate -  

and a pretty cardboard box -



  1. a very interesting question, thankyou for making me think about it while I drink my morning cuppa.

    Personally, I've been living this way for so very many years (people used to ask if I was clumsy with china because I had mismatched flowery tea sets and dinner services back in the 70s!) that its just normal now, and the present vogue for vintage simply makes it easier to buy what you want- rather like supermarkets that now stock a huge range vegetarian and organic food...once upon a time a vegetarian meal option was lentils or cauliflower cheese, the same as a vintage option was always 2nd hand and a bit misunderstood.

    So the question that now remains in my mind is...how many of us would stay living with the vintage look when it goes out of fashion, or can we reckon that once Argos and B&Q are stocking it, its now mainstream?

    Oooooo haven't I gone on a lot for a comment!

  2. Oooh, you did have a stimulating morning cuppa! A very comprehensive answer, well done, ha, ha. You're right though about the comparison with food - we're vegetarian and spent many years eating rubbery omelettes in restaurants! And in France they still don't get it - vegetarien? - bouf!! On a camping holiday in (the then)Czechoslovakia years ago we ate nothing but tomatoes, cooked beetroot and very heavy duty bread for weeks!
    I have to say I'm not keen myself on 'High Street' vintage really (sorry, daughter who gave me the Cath Kidson mug!). I prefer very modern mixed with very old.
    Enjoy the rest of your day!

  3. I have also always been a bit odd collecting junk as it was once called :)
    When I first got married my Mother in Law couldn't understand why I wanted some old pine chopping boards when she had offered to buy me nice new ones, I would spend ages in charity shops whilst she hovered at the door nose wrinkled :) those were the days just wish I had bought more, sorry now I'm going on. Have a good week

    Cate x

  4. 'Hovering at charity shop doors, nose wrinkled' describes some of my relatives and friends too! Also, I guess people of a previous generation, who'd been through a war, perhaps then wanted the excitement of newly manufactured things? Back to my work space now - I'm meant to be having a big sort out today! (trying anything to avoid it!)

  5. it is a bit wierd that as a kid I drew pictures of a future filled with jet-packs, silver suits and pointy cars with rocket engines, imagining a life filled with pills for food and I instead I spoon homemade apple and blackberry crumble into mis-matched chintzy china bowls wearing my retro-pinny!!! 2010....my odessy!!!

  6. Hi - have just found you via Kazzy. I know that many bloggers may be mortified by this but I am becoming tired of 'vintage' everything. I love a mixture of all styles and if something old takes my fancy then I will buy it, but I would not pay a fortune for it simply because it says 'vintage' on the tag. Your cake decorations are fantastic - where did you find them?x

  7. Hi, CraftyHelen - they were in the Christmas decs section in Dunelm.

  8. I like a mix.......... but definitely don't go for modern "vintage". Love that pretty plate of yours - exactly the sort of thing I would buy.

  9. What great finds!!!

    I am a mixture...I buy what I like...which is alot of different things..vintage..cottage...rustic...you name it.

    I am so glad I found your happy blog..thank you for leaving such a sweet comment for me to find. xoxoxo Hugs for a great weekend..it is almost here. xoxoxoxoox

  10. Hello, I have a real mixture in my house….if I like something I buy it, vintage or not. But I do love things that have some age to it.

    Have a lovely weekend………love Lou xxx

  11. I love the old things best, and most of my "vintage" things were my mums or my Grandma and Grandads. They are things they used everyday and I like to use them every day too. xxxxx