Sunday, 24 October 2010

My Darling Nell......................

When we had some building work done on our house a few months ago, the builders found a little folded note in amongst the joists of the (lath and plaster) hall ceiling when they took it down.  On the outside, in lovely copperplate handwriting, it says 'Nell' and 'Private' -

Once opened (to our delight! ) - 

It's difficult to decipher some of the words, but it seems to read -

"My own darling Nell,

I certainly should have gone to church yesterday but for my cold, so you must excuse me this once ducky. What do you think of the (?) old letter place? Nell my pet  ? ? ? I meet you at Shrewsbury I shall be half wild. I do so long for it you cannot tell its the one bright star left now with the exception of ? ? ? to long for and look forward to. Why do I not say Bless you my Nell?  If I did not say it, I meant it and with best love.  

(Signature -  hard to read - ?Maureen   ?Maurice )

Bless you my little pet"

Isn't it sweet?  I wonder who they were?

Maybe this girl -

Or this one? - 

Have you found treasures in your house?



  1. Just found your lovely blog....I must say this is one sweet letter! What luck that you found it! Like a little treasure!

    Have a great new week....xoxo

  2. Isn't that wonderful. I have always wanted to find something like that in our home. The wretched people who live here before ripped everything out.. including the aga!!! lizzie x

  3. Oh, no, Lizzie - fancy ripping out an Aga! Did you reinstate one?

  4. What a lovely treasure to find, it gives you a insight into the people that have lived in your house before you. We have found lots of broken pottery in our garden and a military Police badge!!
    Jo xx

  5. I have to confess...when Ted re-built our fireplace I put a love letter from him behind the cast-iron surround...

  6. Hello, how exciting to find
    a letter so old and dreaming
    who may have belonged.
    Thank you for being gone from me
    and for your comment.
    You are among my favorites.
    A hug Susy

  7. Hello, thanks for your comment over at mine. I love this story and the letter... think I can help with some of the handwriting - can't decipher the first one but I think it's 'when I meet you', and 'with the exception of one other' and the signature I think is 'your Will' (possibly, 'from your Will').

    Best wishes, Sue

  8. Sue, I think you're right - well deciphered. I think it is 'when I meet you' and 'with the exception of one other'. Still not too sure about the signature. Thanks!

  9. How lovely to discover that little piece of history in your home! Our house is too modern so no hope of finding anything like that.We've found loads of old rubble in our garden though..the houses are built on an old builders yard.I wonder what else you are going to unearth?! :o)