Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Beast Quest, a Birthday, Blooms, and 'But should it go there?'........

Beast Quest? 

If you're a parent / grandparent / teacher of young boys, you may well have heard of the Beast Quest books - INFO HERE  Well, two of my grandsons, Archie and Max, are really into these books and were thrilled this week to see the books 'come alive' at Hay Festival. And Archie (on the far left) won the Beast Quest bingo! - 

A Birthday? 

Tilly was 1 this week!

Lots of help from cousins in playing with new toys! -

"Fresh fruit?"  "Pah! - more choc cake!" -


Lots of flowers emerged over the sunny Bank Holiday weekend (they're now slowly drowning in heavy rain :(  )

And I recovered a stool, in rose material - somewhat prettier than the brown material it had -

'But should it go there?'  -

We have a large blank wall in the kitchen - and from time to time we think about putting something there. I myself have in mind a long clean white floating shelf on which I artfully display........... anyway, enough of that idle fancy. Today I found this shelf unit and I'm wondering if it would look right on the blank wall. What do you think?

(The brown shelves are just propping it there, obviously!)


  1. Tilly is such a little cutie pie and happy birthday to her!!
    Love the shelving, its gorgeous.

  2. My little man has discovered Beast Quest yet - sounds like he needs to!
    Little Tilly is super cute.
    The shelves look great there!
    M x

  3. I hope the blooms survived the rain. I've been running hither and thither with link stakes in an effort to support sagging stems, as ever wishing I'd done it BEFORE it started to rain..

    You've done a great job with that stool!

  4. oh Happy Birthday to Tilly! Sweet little chair, did you do it up? Love your covered stool too, looks perfect - think I'll have to pop in for a lesson on how to fold corners :)
    Really like the shelf unit, always fond of the ones with drawers - think it's lovely there, unless you feel you need something bigger.
    Gorgeous flower pics - adore alliums, every year plant a few more, so they're absolutely everywhere now.

    Never been to Hay Festival which is ridiculous seeing as it's only down the road. Usually miss it because we go back to Ireland to visit family over May half term, but could have gone this time if I'd got my act together. Still could I suppose! x

    1. Hi, Tracey - yes, I painted the little chair and made the cushion. I'm still dithering about the shelf unit on the wall! I think it's that I want this place to be more modern, unlike many of the old cottages we've lived in. Yes, Hay Festival's always worth a visit - good atmosphere. x

  5. Tilly is so gorgeous - I love those chubby hands that babies have x

  6. What a lucky young lady to have such a pretty chair for her birthday! I love what you have done with the stool and I hope your lovely blooms survive this rain:)

  7. Happy Birthday Tilly and yes the shelf unit would look great on the wall.
    Love from Mum

  8. Well done, Archie, Happy Birthday Tilly and big well done to you for the stool makeover and lovely shelf unit xxx

  9. Tillly is absolutely adorable ! Beautiful show of flowers.

  10. Happy Birthday to adorable Tilly! Love your pretty white stool and rosy fabric makeover, love your gorgeous garden flowers....and I think the shelf is very pretty and would look nice on the kitchen wall :)
    Helen x

  11. Oh yes, Beast Quest is huge in this house! Beautiful photos of your little people, and lovely flowers as well.

  12. oh my.....what fun you've been having, birthday bash looks utterly fab!!

  13. I remember Beast Quest very well! I think the shelf would go well on that wall :)