Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Spring cleaning?, no

Had intended to have a big sort out of my unit in the shop today, as it's slowly inching towards me being a candidate for one of those "I'm bonkers and I hoard stuff" TV programmes -

Some parts aren't too bad -

But some areas definitely need a sort out - 

So.............did I have a clear out?  Er, no, I went and bought more stuff, then came back and did some painting!  Found some nice 'rustic'items -
And some pretty china - this is Johnsons Bros - it's very pale green -

A sweet cake plate, and jugs -

And a retro fruity dish set (crying out for tinned peaches and evaporated milk!) - and honey pot -

 And I painted a little pine bookcase and a mirror - and two towel rails - oops, no pics of those!

 Oh, well, another day for the sorting out!  
Have a good week! x


  1. What a lovely haul of treasure you brought back with you ... Love the honey pot! Your shop looks wonderful, just the sort I like to potter about in ... it wouldn't be the same if it was tidy!

    Thanks for popping over to me, you're always welcome!

    Love Claire xx

  2. Μe too I'm very glad when I come back with lovely vintage finds.Your rustic items are adorable.I imagine them with flowers...

  3. Love the little bookcase....ciao Alison

  4. Do what you like to do - the sorting out can wait. I'd love to come and wander round your shop.
    Love from Mum

  5. oh that made me smile Abby. Great to see your unit, it all looks so familiar! Such lovely things! And I love lots of stuff to rummage through. Must come and visit soon :) x

  6. Your unit looks so interesting. I don't think it needs a sort out. Lots of treasures to see.

  7. I LOVE the honey pot! But not spring cleaning, so I'm putting that off for as long as possible - regular cleaning is bad enough :) X

  8. I love the Johnson Bros tea service and your collections of bottles. You have some lovely things in your unit and the cups and saucers with the large red roses on in your photo is just like or very similar to a set we had at home when I was a child:)

  9. Your booth looks wonderful...Heidi
    I miss my shop sometimes for the rearranging part of the business!

  10. I'd agree, it looks lovely as it is! Just the sort of place that I love to root around in.

  11. My mum used to have a wooden cribbage board like that!

  12. Your unit looks enticing to look through all those treasures! I love the rosebud cup and saucer well as lots of other things in these pictures!
    Have a happy weekend.
    Helen x

  13. Thanks for all your comments - and for letting me off the hook re sorting /tidying. It would be rude to do it now, if you all like to have a rummage as it is! Hurrah! X

  14. the beauty about clearing up is....... there's always more to do. Save it for a dull day, love that bookcase, what treasures!!

  15. It all looks lovely! I have exactly the same honey pot (bought it in France, though turned out it was from some Brits!) I wouldn't do too much sorting either - part of the fun is looking through all the treasures to find what's perfect for you!

  16. Lots of lovely stuff here! The Johnsons china is so pretty, as is the fruity set (good old tinned fruit and evap - used to be a regular pud when i was a child!), and i love the little pale blue/grey shelf you painted.
    The sorting out will keep!
    Gill xx