Tuesday, 21 May 2013

More tea, vicar?

Having a couple of friends over for tea later, so I thought I'd make some biscuits.  Made digestive biscuits and Anzac biscuits. Also made shortbread with wholemeal flour and brown sugar, but that came out too sweet and rather stodgy! I sometimes put semolina in, but didn't have any.

Digestive biscuits -

100g medium oatmeal
100g wholemeal flour
40g caster sugar
75g butter
Pinch salt
Pinch bicarb
½ egg
* Rub fat into flour, oatmeal, bicarb and salt
* Add sugar
* Bind with egg
* Roll out onto board sprinkled with oatmeal + cut out (about 20 biscuits)
* Gas 6 / 375/400 for about 15 mins.
* Lovely with cheese!
Anzac biscuits -

Anzac biscuits RECIPE HERE

Went to the woods at the weekend - lots of bluebells out, and the trees are really greening up, aren't they?  Lovely. Lots of wild flowers out too - violets and aconites and wood anemones.



Ruby used to be terrified of the bear, but she's getting braver! -

A few pretty finds -

Have a good week!


  1. Thanks for the recipe, I don't drink tea but I think your biscuits will also be perfect with coffee! Love your china !
    Have a nice day !

  2. Just popping on a dog collar to join you for tea ;o)
    A very sweet china cup and saucer - love the shape too. What a great bear! Your posy is very sweet too.
    Rose H

  3. Autumn woods are beautiful, but this is better. The green is so fresh.
    Gorgeous posy!

  4. I wandered up to bluebell woods this weekend too - lovely scented place. Dog and I sat for a while enjoying them. Well, I sat, he strained at his lead hearing intriguing noises from all directions!

  5. The biscuits look delicious, so much better when homemade. We haven't been on our usual 'bluebell woods' walk yet this year. Hoping to get there this weekend. M x

  6. Aren't the trees gorgeous at the moment with their bright green leaves and carpets of bluebells underneath? I love your posy of flowers in your blue jug:)

  7. Thank you for the recipes - I'll have a go. The flowers are lovely as are your pretty finds. I have a similar green glass jug.
    Love from Mum

  8. Lovely pictures of my favourite things ... Biscuits, flowers and thrifty finds!

    Thanks for sharing

    Claire xx

  9. Mmm, delicious Anzac biscuits. You are right about the trees, suddenly everything has taken off, it's wonderful. Love the blue glass vase, it's gorgeous. Good hunting!

  10. those biscuits looked good as did your tea set....look at your lovely greenery....our leaves just popped on our trees yesterday...so exciting! Were about two weeks behind normal for the year.....so were ready!
    on to your finds, you found some great treasures!