Sunday, 12 May 2013

Come on tree, grow............!

Having downsized, three years ago, to where we are now, from a half-timbered cottage in 3/4 acre in the country, we wondered how we'd get on living in town, with a much smaller garden. But we are really lucky that our road backs on to meadows and so we have a huge 'borrowed landscape'. To keep the view, and maximise light (although it is south-facing) I didn't plant anything very high at the end of the garden. But sometimes it feels a bit too exposed. So today we planted an apple tree (Laxton's Superb) which will hopefully bulk out a bit and provide a bit more shape (eventually!) -

Some good finds this weekend - a nice old wicker chair, pine corner shelves and lovely red-painted shelves -


Having acquired some teeth, Tilly seemed determined this week to pull them out! -
(No, her dad's not a sailor, her mum's just been on a friend's hen weekend on a barge.....!)

Have a great week!


  1. borrowed landscapes are just the best- nothing to mow or weed!

  2. Your garden is lovely... you have the best of both worlds. Glorious view!

  3. It must be great to have your garden backing onto open fields like that - your garden looks lovely!
    Tilly is such a sweetie in her sailors hat!
    Great finds - love the little red shelf and the china in your last photo.
    Gill xx

  4. What an amazing garden ... all that space without the responsibility!

    Lovely finds, I like the red shelves, are they for the shop or do you have a space in mind for them to live?

    Tilly's absolutely adorable and she really suits the rakishly placed sailor's hat!

    Happy New Week

    Love Claire xx

    1. I loved the red shelves too as soon as I saw them. I'm tempted to keep them - though I've nowhere obvious to put them. So probably to the shop! x

  5. What a wonderful view, so much to see! We've just planted some cherry trees - hoping to hide the not so lovely view of our neighbour's cow barn. I'm willing them to grow too!
    Great finds, really like the chair and the corner shelves - beautiful flowers, as always, and Tilly looks so sweet! Hen party sounds interesting...! xx

  6. You have a lovely garden with a great view. The apple tree is in just the right place and will look lovely in a year or two:)

  7. I think your garden has a great view too. Apple trees do seem to grow really fast anyway and it will be in a perfect spot.
    I really like your finds too. Are you going to do a makeover on them?

    1. Hi, Anne - I probably won't do anything to the finds, as I paid a bit more than I usually do. Also, I think they'll sell as they are (hopefully!) x

  8. I love the way you have kept your garden low at the bottom to include the neighboring fields. Your garden is really pretty. I love the corner cupboard and your jug of flowers.
    Thanks so much for your lovely comments. I am working hard but enjoying myself too! Much love, Linda x

  9. Your garden is lovely, and the borrowed view is perfect....the apple tree will soon grow and look so pretty covered with blossom, with the meadow sweeping behind!Love the colour combination of the tulips and bluebells :)
    Helen x

  10. Wow, what a stunning view, it really is beautiful. You feel as though you are in the middle of the countryside. Great finds by the way, you have a knack for rooting out this stuff I think!