Friday, 1 March 2013

Hello, March - glad to see you!

Hurrah - it's March. Farewell to February - shortest month, but seemed to go on forever!

Found a couple of nice items this week - a lovely old suitcase -

and some more beautiful cloths -
And I love this funky side table -

Lovely and sunny yesterday and so pottered in the garden. Brought a few hellebores in -
The little tete a tete daffodils are still doing well on the kitchen windowsill -
And I pinched these few blossomy twigs from an overgrown edge of the local park, walking home this week -
We had our two grand-daughters, Tilly and Ruby today - a lovely - if exhausting - day!  Well, Tilly found it exhausting! -
Didn't take a pic of Ruby today, but this is her - drumming away! - at their allotment last weekend -
Ah, that glass of wine and bowl of olives seems to be calling to me......
Have a great weekend!  (We're off to see Babette's Feast tomorrow morning and Beasts of The Southern Wild tomorrow night!  (see previous post) )


  1. what joy.......lovely pictures, beautiful blossoms.....could spring be in the air? Anywhere?

  2. What a beautiful post start to finish and those little that table!!!

  3. What beautiful finds and grandchildren.........lets hope spring hurry's up and finds us all

    Bev xx

  4. February just went on forever! I think it was basically an extension of January. Have a great weekend

  5. It certainly does feel like Spring today, hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy those films:)

  6. Yesterday gave us a hint of what is to come but today it's back to cold, grey, dreary weather. I was going to garden but think I'll stay in the warm instead! I love Spring flowers best of all and it's lovely when the blossom is 'bursting'. What beautiful grandaughters you have, I love Ruby's hat. Thankyou for your kind comment on my last post!
    Ruth x

  7. It is so good to see March, I always find January and February difficult to get through! Your suitcase is so pretty inside, and the table is most unusual. I love the hellebores and the blossom.
    Many thanks for your kind comments. I think the tea room woukd be right up your street. You must spend a lot of time ironing and washing all those pretty linens? Love Linda x

  8. Oh isn't March a relief (even with today's rain)?! What did you think of Beasts of the Southern Wild? I'm curious to know what to expect.

    1. Unusually, for me, I knew nothing about the film before I went. I think that was quite a disadvantage as its a strange film. I won't say too much - go and see it! Some niggles, but overall interesting and different - and thought-provoking. X