Sunday, 10 March 2013

Invisible Tilly in a Gallery.......

Went to The Shell House Gallery in Ledbury, near Hereford HERE this week to see an exhibition by Nicky Arscott NICKY , who went to college with our youngest daughter and had done a painting of her when she was pregnant with Tilly. So, of course, we had to see it.

The painting, with Tilly -

The painting, with Rosie -

I thought Nicky's work was excellent. This one was featured in Tatler recently -

No visit to Ledbury complete without calling in to Hus and Hem HERE - I love their candle displays -

Took advantage of the 20% off day sale at White Stuff this week and bought this top and cardigan -
Not to be outdone, here's Tilly wearing her Stella McCartney romper suit!!  (a present from friend who worked in her London shop) -
Have a good week!


  1. The painting with the horse is so tender and in the same time strong ! I love it! Nice start for tomorrow!Olympia

  2. Oh lovely post ...totally enjoyed every bit! Loved the art, the pics of Tilly and the horse of course as we have them lol

  3. Clever artist - I love the tranquillity of the horse painting. Like your new top and cardigan. Tilly looks very sweet!

  4. Oh, Abby, what a beautiful painting of your daughter! Lovely idea to take a photo of Tilly with the painting of her when she was still just a "bump". She will really enjoy looking at that photo for years to come, point at the "bump" and say "that's me". :-)

    Oh, and there is a shop I would feel quite at home in, I think... And seeing the candles, I can't help but smile. I go through candles like there is no tomorrow and could certainly do with a stock like that! ;-)

    Thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog - they brighten my days!

    Helena x

  5. Another great reason to sort out a trip to Ledbury! I'll have to go soon, I'd really like to see the exhibition - what a special portrait of your daughter. Look forward to popping into Hus and Hem too, looks fabulous and right up my street :)

    Love Tilly's designer romper! x

  6. Just returned from a brief visit to your neck of the woods but missed out Ledbury this time. What a shame....that shop looks great.
    Next time!
    Julie x

  7. What a talented artist and what a good idea to take a photo of Tilly next to the painting of your daughter. The shop looks wonderful and I love your new clothes:)

  8. I just love both those paintings and your daughter is so lucky to have had that one done of her. That will become a family heirloom too. Wow, Tilly is starting young wearing designer outfits!
    Ruth x

    1. Thanks, Ruth. I doubt the painting will become a family heirloom - it costs £750! X

  9. What a beautiful, special painting! Love your fab new clothes, and Tilly's amazing romper suit!
    Helen x

  10. fab wonderful to be pictured at that time in her life too...I always fancied being painted by Lucien Freud but that'snot going to happen it's not a picture of Mum, it'sGrace Kelly from To Catch A Thief....but that'll make her year I should think!!