Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Grey day....but hey, its OK.....

Dull, grey day here today - even a bit of drizzly rain this morning, but I'm thinking positive - Spring IS happening!

Noticed this sweet little violet struggling to survive in the steps by the kitchen door -

And plenty of bulbs coming up now -
Got a bargain tray of primroses from the market today -
Found two good chairs today too. This Ercol one -
And this Lloyd Loom type -
I'm not too keen on the current seat material?  Thought about swapping it for one of these? - or maybe just add a cushion? -
These card cupcake holders are cute, aren't they? And for a good cause - Cancer Research -
BUY ONLINE (or I got mine in the local Cancer Research charity shop)
And completely gratuitous picture of Tilly in the bath! -

Hope you're having a good day, even if it's grey!


  1. Its lovely to see the pretty spring flowers appearing in your garden - just need a bit more of that sunshine.
    Great chairs, love the shape of the ercol one, and the loom one looks great with either vintage embroidery or the floral fabrics - they all look good!
    Tilly looks so cute with her bubble head and rosy cheeks!
    Gill xx

  2. So lovely post!I would prefer the cushion.

  3. I love your chairs, fab finds
    I love Tilly's bubble hair, bless her
    Thea x

  4. Lovely splashes of colour in your garden - hopeful signs! Really like both the chairs you found and think my favourite cover for the Lloyd Loom type one would be the embroidered flowers, but they're all pretty!
    Such a sweet picture of Tilly x

  5. Nice to see some flowers outdoors, it's starting to feel a bit more like Spring. Love the photo of Tilly, I have a similar one of my eldest son taken when he was around 2, hanging in the bathroom, he was 17 this week!

  6. Even though yesterday was so grey and misty it didn't seem so bad because we'd had the lovely days before it. Tilly looks as if she loves bathtime:)

  7. I had a bit of a sunny day yesterday. Good job too as I was outside painting!
    Great finds. Love the Lloyd loom chair. I used to have one given to me from my Nan.
    I no longer have it as two of our dogs decided it was good enough to eat when they were puppies....

  8. Very sweet post ...and oh how lovely flowers ...snow here again tonight!

  9. Oh that sweet little viola clinging on for dear life...I love it, and Tilly in the bath takes me back to when my daughter was wee! The primulas are lovely, so fresh and pretty. I like the Lloyd loom type chair with the lattice embroidery with the daisies round the edge. I just can't get into Ercol for some reason. Have a very Happy Mother's Day, and many thanks for your comments. I agree with you, colour is very uplifting, just looking at your flowers lifts me. Love Linda x