Tuesday, 14 December 2010

King grandson!

Well, I seem to be back online after a few days (seems an age!!) without Broadband - hurrah!

Some gorgeous skies recently -

Our new grand-daughter, Ruby, is doing well -

She's a really 'good' baby - sleeping well, etc - though, of course, she has her moments -

Her oldest brother was one of the Kings this week in his school nativity - he's the tall one in glasses -

The angels in nativity plays are always so sweet, aren't they? - (and the sheep!) -

The builders are working really hard on our extension, so hope to have a kitchen by Christmas!  Cooker arrived yesterday - being connected on Friday.  Off to IKEA this afternoon (wish us luck!!) to get some more parts for the kitchen doors, etc.

Oh, so excited to be online again!!   Have a good week!


  1. Your new grand daughter is gorgeous, and seeing your grandson in his nativity play makes me wish my son was little again (although he wouldn't like to hear me say that as he is a teenager!!) Good luck in IKEA!!
    Jo xx

  2. Happy shopping in IKEA...
    I bet you get more than parts for your kitchen, I understand they do a great baby and childrens department!
    Julie x

  3. It's horrible being off line isn't it! Ruby is so gorgeous, I could just give her a cuddle! xxx

  4. Awww your new grandaughter is gorgeous and what a handsome wee king. :)

    Am sooo envious of your new kitchen, it looks amazing already.

  5. Glad you are back on line. Love Ruby's cuddly bear outfit and the King looks splendid! Hope you got what you needed from Ikea:)

  6. too too cute....what a christmas you'll have!! Good luck with the kitchen....