Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The end is nigh..............(in a good way!)

Oh my, the end (of our building work) is in sight...... Man laying floor!! -

Everything outside looks so amazing in the heavy frost, doesn't it? - I took loads of photos today, but then accidentally deleted most of them!

A frosty bike! -

Finally got out to some shops today (= charity shops!!) - very pleased with this fellow - (?1950s) -

Woof, woof, this is my better side.......

And some lovely cups -

 Try as I might, I can't get the pic of the black cup and saucer the right way up!!!

Well, I think Mr Blogger is defeating me now - so slow!!  So I shall away!


  1. I love frost almost as much as I love snow! Great Charity shop finds...xxx

  2. Oh I love your new banner...so festive!

    Your new addition/building will be lovely in everyway...happy dance.

    Hugs and love for a great day ahead. xoxoxo

  3. will your building work be finished for Christmas ?it looks like quite a large space ,I have always wanted patio doors lucky you.
    Well done on those finds I like your new teacups Its quite difficult to find non chrissmasy things at the moment .
    enjoy your day

  4. Thanks, fee-bee - hopefully building work more or less done by Christmas - builder says he'll finish off after Chrsitmas, with stuff like skirting boards. Having said that, builder came today and then has had to go as his daughter's ill. Enjoy your day too!

  5. So glad you're nearly at the end of the upheaval! Lovely photos, whichever way up. I was having problems with photos on Blogger the other day too. Don't fancy getting on that bike!

  6. I bet you can't wait for your building work to be finished? Then the fun begins putting all your treasures back into place and buying new ones!! I love your finds, especially the little dog.
    Jo xx

  7. Hello dear,
    how nice you have almost finished work!
    I am happy for you. Good collection
    in charity shops, there were
    here! The girl's all right?
    A warm, warm embrace Susy

  8. I love your little dog! What a great find. And the photo of the bikes is great - definitely worth making into a card for next year!
    Our frost has melted today and we've even got sunshine and blue skies :-) It makes me feel good to see the sunshine!
    D x

  9. Good to see the floor going down.

    Lovely pics, I tried to take some but they did not come out very well. All our snow has gone (the little bit we had) but the frosty morning views are lovely to look at x

  10. Ooh it is all coming together...you must be so excited.
    Great picture of the snowy bike!
    Julie x

  11. Hello , at least your room looks like it will be finished before my flood ruined barnroom ,what a great space its going to be when you finish it, love your fire place. I adore your dog as you knoe I have a soft spot for vintage doggies. what a lucky find, keep warm! back soon to visit,Linda x x

  12. Oh very jealous of your little dog find! It seems to be almost impossible to pick up vintage toys in charity shops nowadays with the health & safety stuff, it's usually just a load of old Toys R Us tat!

  13. Yes! "Man laying floor" is a beautiful sight... you know you are nearly there when these stages take place.

    Beautiful baby grand daughter - congratulations!

    Seeing Santa absailing must have been a sight - a close-up would make a good X-mas card!

    Your new header is lovely and very seasonal!

    Thank you so much for all your lovely words on my blog - you are very kind.

    Regards, Helena

  14. Great CS finds... I haven't been near them for weeks. I got so fed up of them being full of Christmas stuff & nothing else!

  15. The frost is so pretty at the moment. You must be so relieved to see the end of all the work and having thoughts of getting back to normal. Mr blogger does have his moments doesn't he?:)

  16. Why thankyou!

    Love the frosty bike awesome pic!


  17. Your extension looks stunning - the fireplace is great. I love your frosty snow pictures. xxxx

  18. I tried to comment twice on your new bundle of joy and was not able to. So I hope this comment will stick I don't know what happened?
    But I love your comments and I did not want you to think I was ignoring you!

    I love your blog and this post, I too love frost!

  19. Such great finds, especially the doggie, so cute.
    Fiery tomato chutney is up & posted. X

  20. Thanks for all your comments - no internet connection at the moment (AAAArrrrggghh!!) - posting this at a friend's - so if I don't post on your blog, that's why! Noremal service will hopefully be resumed asap! Abby

  21. You must be so excited about the new floors!
    I love frost, I would much rather have that than the snow. At least then I wouldn't have to shovel everything out.
    Your new finds are just wonderful Abby.
    have a lovely week.