Sunday, 19 December 2010

I suppose I should be thinking about Christmas......?!

I suppose I should be thinking about Christmas......?!  But now the building work is almost finished (cooker not yet connected, woodwork still to be painted and 2 radiators to be put in), we have to start bringing up everything that we've been storing in our cellar.....phew......I've been up and down the cellar steps about a hundred times today!!   Been putting crockery in new dresser -

(sorry - took that one after the G + T !!)

The space is beginning to pull together -

Thinking of using these glass tiles for a splashback? -

I was given a big wire dog last year for my birthday - he likes his new home! -

So getting there at last!

Baby Ruby continues to do well and to be a delight -


Got a lovely new book this week from Amazon - Plants and Places by Angie Lewin, who does woodcuts of wild plants -

In the book, she shows how she gets her inspiration -


The roads here are still really icy, so I had a precarious walk into town yesterday -

But it was worth going in, as I got some sweet cups for my stall -

 - and a pretty bag from TK Maxx -

Well, hope you all have a good week. I guess I'd better start wrapping some presents!


  1. Looks like a great kitchen. Just the place for a nice cup of tea and a few thoughts (but no action) about wrapping presents ...!

  2. ooer, it's getting even posher!!!! xxx

  3. Your kitchen is soooo lovely. Really jealous of the amount of space that you have created :0)

    Ruby looks like she's putting on weight nicely x

  4. What a super space - it all looks wonderful! Love all your new purchases - especially the bag. Little Ruby will have a wonderful first Christmas:) I still have some presents to wrap! Happy Christmas to you and yours:)

  5. Angie Lewin is a huge inspiration, love her work. Good luck with the rest of the kitchen - bet you can't wait!

  6. Wow, it's all coming on really well! How sweet is Ruby! Have a lovely Christmas.

  7. Your kitchen has come on great its a lovely space and those glass tiles would be perfect .Baby Ruby is so gorgeous I bet you are all so proud of her.
    Great buys the tea set is really pretty.
    xx fee

  8. Well, Ruby is gorgeous, the house looks lovely, and I bought that book about Angie Lewin (seeing as she is fairly local to me) and have kept it as a Christmas new book to read.
    I hope you have a very lovely Christmas, thank you for an entertaining blog, for commenting on mine sometimes too. May 2011 be all you hope for.

  9. wow, your kitchen is really looking fabulous. we have finally decided to do our bathroom in exciting. I can see many blog posts ahead.
    Happy Christmas,
    Trish xo

  10. The kitchen is looking great and just think, with all that upstairs-downstairs to and from the cellar, you can eat as many mince pies (and drink as many g n t's) as you want!

    Yes thankyou, I'm feeling warmer- I'm hermetically sealed in cashmere. Only trouble is, I have to take it off to get in the bath :))

    Have a good week filling and re-filling cupboards

  11. Hi There - thanks for your visit/comment! Wow your kitchen space looks nice to have it nearly there for Christmas too! We moved just over a year ago and did some renovations in the nice to enjoy them now for Christmas!
    Have fun with the finishing touches (isn't that the best bit)

  12. Hello,
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog, so pleased now to have found yours in return. Looking forward to a good read! What gorgeous teacups, a great find. Merry Christmas.
    Hen x

  13. Lovely kitchen.....great book!
    Have a lovely christams!x

  14. I love the black gloss units and it all works so well. Those tiles look fabulous.

  15. Wow, your kitchen is coming on leaps and bounds, you must be worn out with all the running up and down the cellar stairs.

    Love the G and T shot....very artistic!

    And that baby Ruby is gorgeous...
    Julie x

  16. Lovely kitchen, it would be nice place to live :)
    Thank you for your nice comments. Hope you enjoyed you time in Slovenia :)

  17. Abby, its looking good! I do love Angie's work, its always great to see where an artist gets theri inspiration from too.

  18. I think I would just sit and cuddle baby Ruby! She's gorgeous. Your kitchen looks amazing - I bet you are thrilled with it. xxx

  19. i LOVE your dresser, i would spend hours arranging and re-arranging things in there if i had one. and that wire dog is heeeuge! or is it just the angle of the photo?! happy christmas! x

  20. Well what a lovely post!

    Your home is going to look smashing, and does already!

    I'm hoping for angies book for christmas. cant wait!

    Have a lovely time

    Clare x

  21. Hi, Francesca - yes, the wire dog is lifesize! I too plan to spend hours (possibly days!!) 'playing' with the dresser!

    Clare - hope you get Angie's book - it's really lovely :)

  22. loving the dresser.....and baby Ruby is quite beautiful...I think i is begining to look a lot like christmas!!

  23. I'm in love with the new kitchen and the tiles, the birthday dog is tooo die for....but Ruby steals the show!!!

  24. Love the look of the Angie Lewin book! Kitchen is looking ace, great tiles for the splashback! Lizzie x

  25. Thank you for visiting my blog. Just popped over to look at yours. It is great having a new kitchen, we renewed ours recently too (see blog). My header is Freshwater West, where we have been today, but in much different weather. Will pop to see your blog now I have found you. Best wishes. Ann x

  26. Such sweetness over here today....sending you blessings of JOY and LOVE for a magical Christmas my friend. xoxoxo

  27. Hi - first time I have visited but I'll save your blog in my favourites - we are doing our kitchen next year so I am searching for nspiration. We were in Whitby on Monday and there are several shops with vintage stuff in - all really reduced! Didn't buy anything as I will be packing away everything soon! Snowing here agin in North Yorkshire!

  28. It is looking beautiful and Ruby is so gorgeous. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and New year.
    Jo xx

  29. Wow I am so jealous of your new kitchen the space is to die for can see this becoming the hub of the home.
    Home you have managed to say goodbye to your workmen.
    Have a good Christmas

  30. Hello! I thought it was about time I popped over to say "hi" and a very big "thank you" for all the lovely comments you've been leaving me over on my blog! Your blog's fab! LOVE your new kitchen and am very taken with your dresser. We had a kitchen extension built earlier this year's so exciting putting everything away in it's place when it's all finished, isn't it? Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Katie x

  31. This bit seems to be taking ages, the builders have gone and we have to clean and tidy and put back the furniture, sounds simple but it takes forever, yours looks well on the way and looking good.
    Merry Christmas!

  32. Wow, your home looks beautiful. Thank you for leaving me a lovely comment. Have a wonderful Christmas time.

  33. Hello Abby beautiful kitchen,
    seems to be revised.
    Beautiful baby Ruby compliments.
    I wish you and your family ......

  34. I love these pictures, and your kitchen is simply to die for! (The baby's not bad either. Wink.)

    In America, we have TJ Maxx. Do you suppose...? The same? (Though what do those initials even mean?)