Saturday, 15 February 2014

Rain, rain go away................

OK, that's enough rain now, thank you................

Our garden overlooks meadows, which normally look something like this -

But currently look like this - (in fact, the water's gone down from where it was) -
Everything in the garden is a bit soggy, though I have some cheerful pots of colour -
Some bulbs peeping through in this pot -
These Fritillaries are so pretty, aren't they? -

Found a rather lovely, Spring-like bowl today in a charity (thrift) shop -
It's quite big - about 14 ins across -

And a pic of Tilly enjoying her new plastic drill (well, actually I'm told it's a jack-hammer...). She enjoyed drilling my knees - thought it was hysterical! - 
Have a good - dry - week!


  1. Oh no - I hope you're not too near water. I've been following the news back home and it's been heartbreaking to watch. We were effected by Sandy & it was truly devastating. The American government really responded quickly though... Politics we're put aside, whereas back home in Blighty, it appears like they're too busy squabbling to actually help the poor victims. Stay dry! Lx

  2. Let's hope for a let up in this incessant rain soon. And as for the wind the night before last! I feel for anyone watching the waters relentlessly rise towards their homes - so hope that meadow is well down from you. Good to see Tilly is being trained up to be practical - maybe she will be an orthopaedic surgeon?

  3. That is a gorgeous bowl you have found! I hope the floods don't affect you, we have the opposite problem here and desperately need rain.

  4. Thanks goodness we have had a day without rain so far today - hope your garden is less soggy but I guess it will take ages for those fields to dry out. Lovely spring flowers in your pots and the bowl is very pretty. I had to smile at that mischevious look on Tilly's face she looks like a girl on a mission to drill as many knees as possible:)

  5. so much water, looks almost like a lake view! Lovely to have a good day today wasn't it? Really enjoyed being outside, though I've a lot less colour in my garden than you. Need to do more planting I think. Very pretty bowl, what a great find, and love that Tilly was using your knees for drill practice! x

  6. Its just too much isntt it? We have actually had a whole day of bright sunshine today for a change, but I dont suppose it will last.
    Your pots are full of lovely spring colour, the fritillaries are beautiful - no sign yet of mine coming up, be a while yet I think.
    Gill xx

  7. She does look as though she's enjoying herself.
    Love from Mum

  8. Bless, Tilly looks as if she is having fun.
    I love the china bowl, isnt it beautiful and definitely spring like.

  9. Crikey, that water is close, but it looks like there's a bit of height difference?
    I love fritillaries. So do pheasants.

    1. The water was much closer than in the pic, but in fact, yes, there's a big height difference - we have steps to get down into the fields, it's about 10 foot lower.

  10. Yikes, that's a lot of water. I'm glad you're higher up, let's hope it all drains away soon. Beautiful flowers, well done on having some blooms at this time of year.

  11. Wow, what a lot of water! Glad it is not any closer to your home...your spring pots look so fresh and pretty......I love the dusky pink hellebores and the fritillaries especially, like little paintings. Tilly is adorable.....I love the funny things these little ones do!
    Helen xx