Monday, 6 January 2014

Behave - or beware!

Got a rather wonderfully illustrated book from the Oxfam shop today - 'Cautionary Tales' by John Hay-Mackenzie.  It's a children's' book, but I think you'd be unwise to read it to a sensitive child! Perhaps lots of you know the book?  I've never heard of it.

From Amazon - "An illustrated children's book with a wicked twist that will make it just as appealing for adults. Twelve slightly deranged-looking soft toys have provided the inspiration for watercolour artworks by the author, and matching 'cautionary tales' that each have a moral or lesson, from obeying parents and following the rules for crossing roads, to eating well and caring for others. Why should you do as you are told? Does it really matter if you litter? Who cares if you're a spitter? Here lie the tales of twelve wicked boys and girls who found out - too late! John Hay-Mackenzie reveals their awful fates in his deliciously dark cautionary tales".

The characters are very Julie Arkell-like. This is Geoffrey - 'a stupid little bloke who thought it really cool to smoke' -

And this is Eric - who was 'a little brat and in the street he often spat' -

Then there's Louisa -

And Ingrid - now 'dead meat' !! -

Mary Rose used to pick her nose, until it just fell off! -

These are the twins, Ned and Fred, who set their pyjamas alight and are now 'brown bread' !

This is Kathy who wouldn't share her toys and ended up in gaol! -

This is bad-tempered Richard who ate too much junk food (now dead!) -

And poor old David who poked a python at the zoo and was crunched to death -
I love the characters! -

Hope you're dry and cosy!


  1. What a brilliant book! I shall look out for it ...
    M x

  2. Like the sound of this book! Stories with a horrible twist are always the ones the kids remember! Wonderful illustrations too x

  3. I think I'm more disturbed by the dolls than by the stories! Had never heard of this but I did get my daughter Belloc's Cautionary Tales which used to make us laugh. Tonia x

  4. oh my..... looks like a blast..... happy new year!!

  5. A great book albeit terrifying!!!

  6. Fantastic! How I love the grim tales. Ever so slightly terrifying though.