Sunday, 15 December 2013

Funky trees........

Some cool ideas for alternative Christmas trees HERE   - - like these -


Different, huh?! 
And this one's bonkers!! - (Broccoli!) -


  1. These are amazing, love the bookcase the best.....Heidi

  2. I'm glad you are back! Happy 3 Advent and wishes for a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Very inventive but I really love the broccoli one!

  4. I just found you on a friends blog and I am so delighted that I did. Your site is wonderful. I am your newest follower. I would love to have you visit and maybe even follow me back. These are some fabulous ideas for unique trees. Great post!
    Your new blogging sister, Connie :)

    1. Thanks, Connie - I'll have a look at your blog tonight! X

  5. Flipping heck. The broccoli one is truly bonkers, you're right. Just had a look at the wine cork one on the website. Godammit I've just thrown away all my wine corks too. xx

  6. I love the bookcase, second from last. Brilliant!

  7. I love the felted ball tree - and the book tree, of course! Last year my daughter and I used branches from the twisted willow for our tree; turned out so well, we're doing it again this year!
    Have a great Christmas and even if you decide not to blog anymore, do keep in touch. Tonia X