Monday, 24 December 2012

Big thanks to Helena!

Well, after an excellent tip from Helena at The Swenglish House HERE    , I seem to be able to include pictures again - for free - yay!!

We took grand-daughter Ruby (now 2) to a Winter Wonderland at the local Garden Centre last week and she loved it - was entranced! -
Also, now I can show you pics of eldest daughter's wedding - she got married on Dec 4th -

And pics of Ruby and Tilly (now 6 months) -
Well, it's great to be back, but this isn't getting Christmas lunch for 16 (!!) sorted, so I'd better get into that gear.

Have a lovely Christmas Day!


  1. Have a lovely Christmas Abby and hopefully catch up with you in 2013.
    Jo xx

  2. I think I cooked for 16 - there was only 6 of us but we ate well and are just making our way through the leftovers! lol!

  3. How lovely to have had a wedding to celebrate! Happy photos, as are those of your sweet granddaughters. Hope your Christmas Day went well!

  4. 16!!! Thats sounds hard work - but fun Gorgeous photos xxxxxx

  5. welcome back......happy new year!!!

  6. Dear Abby, I am so happy it worked for you with the free photo allowance.

    Ruby is gorgeous and your daughter too - and it looks like she managed to time her wedding day to the only day with no rain in 2012!

    Happy New Year to you, Abby, and may the lakes in your garden turn meadows again very soon!