Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Vintage who?!......

Heavens, where did all that time go??!!

Hope everyone's well. I hadn't really intended to start blogging again, but lovely Mise at Pretty Far West blog HERE (I can't do clever links, sorry *) mentioned my (somewhat defunct!) blog.......

All well here - we now have 6 grandchildren - 4 boys and 2 girls. Ruby will be 2 this Sunday and Tilly is 6 months.  One of the reasons I stopped blogging was that I'd apparently run out of photo space or some such and would have to start paying.....but I might somehow be able to sneak a photo in. No, just tried, it's denying me photo upload...

Best wishes to you all


* Yay - just worked out - I hope! - how to do a link.......


  1. Just to let you know I ran out of space too about a year ago - I only had to pay about £5 for a huge amount of space that will last me for ages.
    Good to have you back! M x

  2. Oh nice to see you back and hear about your growing family! I too ran out of space and paid about a fiver for more, which seemed like a reasonable deal considering how much I like blogging!

  3. Thanks for those comments! The deal they seem to be offering me is so much per month - seemed quite a bit - and not sure how often I'll post......

  4. Welcome back. Like Vintage Jane I too paid £5 last year. I'll have to go and check how much space I've got left. They are obviously getting greedy wanting so much a month.
    Love from Mum

  5. Great to see a post from you!
    Like the others I paid a fiver about a year ago too, it seemed like a bargain at the time.
    Rose H

  6. I wondered where you went again.......and my sweet little Ruby is 2 already...wow!
    The same thing happened to me its only $5 for a whole lot more....in fact I may never need more! Miss you....

  7. I seem to have paid for my sins in not keeping up the blog.....if your blog hasn't been active, you automatically 'qualify' (;))for the 'new' (= more expensive) tariff.....